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  • Janette O'toole

Belly bands

Many different types of support garments are available for women during pregnancy and new mothers. It can be confusing to determine which products are most suitable for each pregnancy stage and after the birth.

A belly band is stretchy loop of material you wear over your bump for gentle support (while a pregnancy belt is a fabric belt that fits under your bump to provide support to your lower back and pelvis). Belly bands give your back and stomach support as your baby grows.

A belly band is adjustable so can be used both during pregnancy and post birth (including following a caesarean section).

Belly bands may help with

· Low Back Pain

· Pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain

· Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) pain

· Abdominal muscle separation (diastasis)

· Post-partum binding

· C-section recovery

· Providing exercise support during pregnancy or in the postnatal period

However, if you are experiencing any bothersome symptoms a review by a Women’s Health Physio is also recommended. This is a physio that can assess, treat and recommend exercises to help alleviate your symptoms during or after pregnancy.

A belly band can be of great help to some women during pregnancy if they are experiencing back pain or abdominal discomfort. So, if your growing bump is giving you grief, it may be time to invest in a belly band.

Belly Band is a registered TGA medical device and may be claimed on many private health funds (check with your individual health fund). Belly bands are available at Better Health in Annandale.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this, please feel free to give us a call on 9518 0722.


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