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  • Janette O'toole

Physio and Pain

One in five Australians will suffer from chronic pain at some point in their lives. This can be debilitating to the individual, affect your ability to work, socialise, exercise and maintain relationships. Chronic pain can lead to isolation, fatigue and depression.

Chronic pain is estimated to have an estimated annual cost of $73.2 billion in Australia.

Pain is complex. Everyone will experience pain differently, even if they have similar injury, such as an ankle sprain.

This is because how we perceive pain is a complex interaction between the mind and the body.

This is affected by factors, such as thoughts, emotions, stress, genetics, culture and previous pain experiences.

Physiotherapy aims to reduce pain, improve quality of life, prevent reinjury and prevent acute or subacute conditions developing into long term issues.

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' way of treating pain. Physiotherapy treatment for chronic pain may include:

- taking a full history of condition

- assessment

- explanation of cause of pain

- pain reliving strategies (hands on treatment) which may include joint mobilisations, soft tissue releases, therapeutic ultrasound

- physio- guided exercise program

- strategies to avoid re-injury

Janette O’Toole is a physiotherapist with over 25 years experience. To book an appointment please call 9518 0722.


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