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  • Janette O'toole

Tradies National Health Month

A tradies’ health is their most important tool. However, tradies in Australia experience some of the highest rates of injury and time off work compared to other workers.

Although tradies make up less than 30% of the workforce they make up over 50% of serious injuries in the workplace.

Tradies are at risk as they often are engaged in repetitive bending and lifting activities.

Injuries may include:

- back pain

- neck pain

- shoulder pain

- muscle or tendon injury

Tradies are well known for limping in to physio once they almost literally can't walk, hoping for a 'quick fix'. However it is important for tradies to seek help after minor injury or with minor twinges to prevent further or more serious injury which may take longer to recover and time off work.

Physiotherapy management may include:

- regular preventative care

- early management of injury- seek care for minor niggles to prevent more serious injury, which will take longer to recover

- provide exercise to help a speedy recovery

- advice to help to prevent reinjury


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