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  • Janette O'toole

April is Falls Prevention month

In NSW there are

· approximately 27,000 hospitalisations each year due to falls

· more than 400 deaths each year due to falls

· more than one in three people aged 65 or over fall at least once a year (and many fall more often)

Tips to prevent falls:

  1. Improve your balance and strength - you can do this by attending an exercise class or doing exercises at home.

  2. Don’t rush. Pay attention to what you are doing.

  3. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your medication to check if any of them could increase your risk of falling.

  4. Make your home environment as safe as possible.

    • Remove tripping hazards such as loose mats and rugs.

    • Improve the lighting in your home especially on stairs.

    • Install railings and grab bars if they are needed.

5. Check your shoes – make sure your shoes fit well and are supportive. Check the soles to make sure they are not slippery.

The Stepping On program is an evidence-based program that is effective and proven to reduce falls in older people living in the community. The program incorporates strategies to implement positive lifestyle changes to keep people independent, upright and active. Stepping On is part of NSW Health’s “Active and Healthy” Program.

For more information try the following links:

Stay on your feet has helpful tips for over 60s to help prevent fall and stay well. Information for over 60’s – Stay On Your Feet®

Inner west council in Sydney runs groups for over 60s including low to moderate exercise classes, tai chi classes and local walking groups. Check out inner west council website for more information Group exercise for seniors - Inner West Council (

If you are unsure where to start physiotherapy can help. A physiotherapist can discuss any issues you are having, provide a physical assessment and prescribe exercises to help get you back on your feet.

To book a physiotherapy appointment please call 9518 0722.

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