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  • Janette O'toole

How to look after your private parts…(part 2)

The do’s and don’ts of washing your nether regions

From vaginal steaming to jade eggs, the internet is literally flooded with products and devices to keep the vagina healthy. But when keeping a vagina happy and healthy, it is definitely a case of less is more.


- gently wash the area outside the vagina (the vulva) with water and a gentle soap every day. This should be all you need to keep this area healthy. A simple, unperfumed soap or soap-free wash is best.

- wear cotton underwear

- allow the area to 'breathe'. When you get home, remove your tights, pantyhose or leggings and change into loose fitting clothes

- if you are particularly sensitive, try washing your underwear with water only. Fabric conditioners and washing powders can sometimes contain irritants to the skin.

Do not…

- use soaps, bubble-baths, deodorants or vaginal wipes in or around the vulval area. This may predispose you to urinary tract infections.

- scrub the labia with flannels and brushes

- use a douche. This is washing or flushing water up into the vagina, clearing out vaginal secretions. This can disrupt the normal vaginal bacteria, so it is not recommended that you use one

- use antiseptics in the bath


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